20 Common Examples of Radiation

Written by Stanley Udegbunam || Dec 10, 2020



Radiation is one of the fundamental modes of heat transfer others been conduction and convection.

Radiation is the transport of thermally generated electromagnetic waves.

It does not require the existence of an intervening material medium for heat to be transferred from one surface to the other.

Rather, it can be transferred through a vacuum or through a medium that is transparent or translucent to the radiation.

Radioactive atoms are atoms with unstable nuclei.

To attain stability, these atoms emit the excess energy by radioactive decay.

These emissions are called radiation.

Let us take a glance at the various common examples of radiation.


Listed below are 20 common examples of radiation in everyday life.


  1. Light rays from the sun
  2. Remote controls
  3. Visible light from a bulb/lantern
  4. Electromagnetic radiation from your mobile phone
  5. Car Radiators
  6. Radio-frequency radiations like televisions
  7. Heat from a stove burner or camp fire
  8. X-rays
  9. Laser beam
  10. Radio waves
  11. Airport security scanners
  12. Microwave ovens
  13. CT scans
  14. Black lights
  15. WIFI-Router
  16. Bluetooth speakers
  17. Night vision googles
  18. Aircraft communication
  19. Neon lamps
  20. Power Lines
sunlight - examples of radiaton


Radiation cannot be detected by human senses.

A variety of handheld and laboratory instruments is available for detecting and measuring radiation.

The most common handheld or portable instruments are:

  • Geiger Counter
  • MicroR Meter, with Sodium Iodide Detector
  • Portable Multichannel Analyzer
  • Ionization (Ion) chamber
  • Neutron REM Meter, with Proportional Counter
  • Radon Detectors
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