50+ Detailed Examples of Static Friction (with pictures)

by Stanley Udegbunam

updated Oct 10, 2020

Object under static friction 1

In today’s article we’ll be looking at various examples of static friction.

These examples will be categorized under different subheadings for better understanding.

But before then, Let’s have a quick overview on static friction.


Static friction is the friction force between two surfaces at rest relative to each other.

It exists between the contact surfaces of static objects.

For objects to move, the static friction must first be overcome by the applied force.

Static friction possesses the highest friction force when compared to other friction types.

The nature of the contact surface, the weight of the object, and the static friction coefficient are the three factors that determine the magnitude of static friction.

Other friction types include:

Kinetic friction: Friction force between moving or sliding surfaces.

Rolling friction: Friction force that resists the motion of rolling objects on a surface.

Fluid friction: Friction force that prevents different fluid layers from flowing against each other.

Let’s get started.

In a hurry and won’t be able to go through the various examples?

See this brief info-diagram.

Static Friction Examples

Examples of Static Friction in Everyday life

Static friction is experienced everywhere around us.

Some common examples of static friction in everyday life include:

  1. Ladder leaning on a wall
  2. Car parked on a hill
  3. Tightened bolt
  4. Standing Lantern
  5. Clothes hung on a cloth line
  6. Towel hanging on a rack
  7. Slippers on the floor
  8. Piano stand
  9. Hanging picture frame
  10. Wall clock
Static friction examples in everyday life

Examples of Static Friction in Physics

Static friction is present in laboratory equipment’s by virtue of its stationary position.

Examples of objects that experience static friction in physics include:

  1. Volumetric flask
  2. Analytic balance
  3. Test tube rack
  4. Dry cell battery
  5. Ring Stand
  6. Prism blocks
  7. Lens holder
  8. Voltmeter
  9. Stoppers and corks
  10. Wooden Meter Rule
Static friction examples in daily life

Examples of Static Friction in Science

Stationary equipment is not only found in physics but also dominant across various fields in the sciences.

Examples of objects that experience static friction in science include:

  1. Transformers
  2. Fixed telescope stand
  3. Bunsen Burners
  4. Gas cylinders
  5. Laboratory sink
  6. Microwave transmitter
  7. Fume cupboard
  8. Bomb Calorimeter
  9. Bench-top sterilizers
  10. Laboratory autoclaves
Static friction examples in science

Examples of Static Friction in Sports

Various sporting equipment experiences static friction. They include:

Examples of Static friction in sports include:

  1. Storage cabinets
  2. Goalposts
  3. Jersey lockers
  4. Stadium billboards
  5. Basketball hoop
  6. Basketball shot clock
  7. Volleyball net and duffle bag
  8. gym equipment
  9. Rest Bench
  10. Field Race hurdle
static friction examples in sports

Examples of Static Friction in the Classroom

Examples of static friction in the classroom include:

  1. Books kept in the bookshelves
  2. Tables and Chairs
  3. Floor mat
  4. Standing fans
  5. Hanging Board
  6. Water Stand
  7. Ringing bell kept on the shelve
  8. Duster holder
  9. Stationary Chalk and Marker casing
  10. Water Dispenser
  11. Waste bin
  12. Files on a rack


Static friction examples in the classroom

Now, Over to You…

Can you think of any other example of static friction?

Either under a specific category or just any random example?

I bet you can 😊…

Kindly share your thoughts and answers with us in the comment section below.

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